September 23, 2023
Chris Jericho Says Ratings Soared With Swerve Strickland On Screen

in an interview for WTF with Marc Maron (over quarrelsome), Chris Jericho stated that Swerve Strickland is a scores draw for AEW as a result of the numbers go up each time he is on that present. He added that Tony Khan pays consideration to minute-by-minute numbers and pushes individuals accordingly. Listed below are the highlights:

Whereas listening to minute by minute numbers: “If you happen to get that high spot and you do not draw and folks do not watch your video games…TV scores are crucial. I learn the minute-by-minute TV scores each week to see how I did it. How did this man do it? Who attracts each week? You possibly can see this sample of scores hovering each time it goes on air. Swerve Strickland is a kind of guys. It isn’t a scores bonanza, however each time it goes on the air, scores go up.”

On why persons are drawn to Swerve: “Hyperlink. They [Swerve & Jade] stars and I need to see what this particular person is doing. That is necessary.”

about those that do not draw: “If you happen to do not draw… my boss, Tony Khan is a numbers fanatic. If you’re positioned in that place and scores drop, you’ll not be positioned in that place. It is a part of it. You need to be related and folks have to look at you on the display. If not, you will not be in that place on the display or perhaps you will not be in the primary present, you may be within the subsequent present. There are ranges to that too.”

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