September 28, 2023
Raptor Lake CPU

Intel’s Raptor Lake Non-Ok processors will not debut till 2023. Nevertheless, Vietnamese retailer Nguyen Cong Laptop (by way of momomo_us (opens in new tab)) have already got some like Core i5-13400F and Core i5-13400 in inventory. The vendor reviewed the 2 65W chips talked about above and beware; these are retail models, so the outcomes present the ultimate efficiency of the processors.

The Core i5-13400 is available in a 10-core, 16-thread configuration with six P-cores and 4 E-cores. The recipe will sound acquainted as a result of it is the identical as Intel’s last-gen design. Core i5-12600K Alder Lake portion, one best CPUs. It is because a few of Intel’s Raptor Lake chips will use reheated Alder Lake C0 or H0 dies. This technique successfully permits Intel to now recycle Alder Lake silicon and downgrade its E-cores to the most recent Core i5 non-Ok SKUs that didn’t beforehand have E-cores in Alder Lake. The unhealthy information is that these processors may have Golden Cove cores as an alternative of the newer Raptor Cove cores. We could not verify which non-Raptor Lake Ok chips carry Alder Lake silicon, however it seems just like the Core i5-13400 is almost certainly one among them.

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