November 30, 2023
Eye health: Screen use may be among risk factors for retinal detachment

Based on the knowledgeable, about one in 10,000 adults a 12 months will develop retinal detachment, and superior age is a threat issue, as is experiencing some type of eye trauma.

warned: “[The condition] If left untreated, it may shortly result in everlasting blindness.”

Time is of the essence when threatening retinal detachment, as there’s at present no remedy to totally normalize imaginative and prescient as soon as the situation has handed this stage.

What are the signs of retinal detachment?

“The situation is painless, so the most typical signs to look out for are visible floaters that appear like traces or wavy traces in your imaginative and prescient, in addition to what seems to be a shadow-like curtain in peripheral imaginative and prescient,” mentioned Dr. Wong. .

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