November 30, 2023
Kenosha County ADRC offers free memory screens every Monday

In fact, the easiest way to take care of sleep inertia is to stop it within the first place.

“Most likely the best approach is to have a constant wake time relying on the variety of sleep cycles you need,” says Breus, writer of “Good Sleep.”

Most individuals want 5 sleep cycles, averaging 90 minutes every, Breus says, which equates to about 7.5 hours every night time. To search out bedtime, Breus recommends counting down 7 ½ hours out of your wake-up time.

“If you happen to get up at 6:30 within the morning, go to mattress at 11:00,” Breus says. “Do that for every week. If you happen to begin waking up simply earlier than the alarm, you are in nice form. If you happen to’re not waking up, set your sleep time backwards till you get up. Goodbye, sleep inertia.”


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