September 25, 2023
Leadtek launches Winfast RTX 4070 Ti Hurricane graphics card

Customized RTX 4070 Ti design with NVIDIA reference PCB

The third RTX 40 {custom} design card was launched by Leadtek.

Leadtek RTX 4070 Ti Winfast, Supply: Leadtek

This Taiwanese firm was in no rush to showcase its newest WinFast mannequin. The board conforms to the design of the RTX 4090/4080 variants, that are geared up with all three followers in a big X-shaped enclosure. In dimension, the RTX 4070 Ti is as thick because the AD102/103-based fashions, with a requirement of three.5 slots (68.3 mm). Nevertheless, it’s barely shorter (~3 cm) and narrower (~2 cm), however nonetheless a giant card.

Leadtek RTX 4070 Ti Winfast, Supply: Leadtek

If you happen to take a detailed take a look at a picture of the design, you possibly can see that it makes use of a small o-shaped PCB design. This board is so small it would not even take up half the width of the board. A fast examine tells us that is most likely the identical design Inno3D makes use of for its playing cards. In brief, that is an NVIDIA reference PCB:

Technically talking, this can be a semi-custom graphics card with the NVIDIA reference PCB however with a very changed heatsink. Nevertheless, NVIDIA didn’t produce a reference heatsink for the RTX 4070 Ti sequence (no Founder’s Version), so solely NVIDIA-made PCB is out there.

Leadtek RTX 4070 Ti Winfast, Supply: Leadtek

Leadtek WinFast can also be not an overclocked card. 2310 MHz base and 2610 MHz increase include NVIDIA inventory settings (though 22610 MHz is talked about within the official specs). The specs desk is filled with such errors, similar to mentioning the RTX 4070 as a substitute of the RTX 4070 Ti, however given how messy NVIDIA is, such errors had been inevitable with the “launch” and relaunch of this SKU.

Leadtek RTX 4070 Ti Winfast, Supply: Leadtek

So far as we all know, Leadtek RTX 4070 Ti Winfast isn’t obtainable on the market anyplace we glance, so its worth is unknown.

Supply: leadtek

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