May 30, 2023
Legacy Radeon "R600" Open Source Gallium3D Driver Now Enables SPIR-V


To help Radeon HD 6000 collection graphics playing cards on Linux, the open supply R600 Gallium3D driver has an fascinating new 12 months add-on… ARB_gl_spirv!

Gert Wollny of Collabora continues to work virtually alone to enhance R600g driver help for these nonetheless operating this driver utilized by Radeon HD 2000 to HD 6000 collection graphics playing cards – however many of the focus is on the R600g NIR backend. and particularly with “newer” HD 5000/6000 collection GPUs.

unified Extra updates and fixes have been made for that R600g NIR backend at present. Probably the most notable level about that is that ARB_gl_spirv is enabled for the R600g when utilizing the NIR path as a substitute of TGSI. The ARB_gl_spirv extension is said to with the ability to create SPIR-V modules for OpenGL consumption and permits specifying that SPIR-V modules comprise a programmable shader stage as a substitute of GLSL. SPIR-V is the IR mostly related to the usage of Vulkan however may also be used with OpenGL through this extension and different APIs.

Whereas ARB_gl_spirv has been round for some time and is a part of OpenGL 4.6, now this legacy open supply Radeon graphics driver helps this extension. R600g activation notes:

“Out of 86 piglets handed 76. Some fail as a result of SSBOs are solely supported for FS and CS in r600, however piglites try to make use of SSBOs with VS and there are piglets making an attempt to attach SSBO at 8 and solely 0-7 connections supported as a degree.”

Help for this R600g driver ARB_gl_spirv is a part of Mesa 23.0, which ought to come out secure by or round March.

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