June 2, 2023
Optical Computer Concept

Optical Computer Concept

Extremely-fast laptop processing speeds are doable with optical chirality logic gates that function roughly a million occasions quicker than present applied sciences.

Polarized light-based processing gadgets function one million occasions quicker than present know-how.

Logic gates are the fundamental constructing blocks of laptop processors. Typical logic gates are digital and work by mixing round electrons. Nevertheless, researchers are creating light-based optical logic gates to satisfy the info processing and switch calls for of next-generation computing. Aalto College scientists have developed new optical chirality logic gates that run practically one million occasions quicker than present applied sciences and supply ultra-fast processing speeds.

Optical Chirality Logic Gate Diagram

The optical chirality logic gate is product of a fabric that emits lights with completely different round polarization relying on the chirality of the enter beams. Credit score: Yi Zhang / Aalto College

This new method, described in an article printed within the journal

Reference: “Chirality logic gates” by Yi Zhang, Yadong Wang, Yunyun Dai, Xueyin Bai, Xuerong Hu, Luojun Du, Hai Hu, Xiaoxia Yang, Diao Li, Qing Dai, Tawfique Hasan and Zhipei Sun, 9 December 2022, Science Advances.
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abq8246

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