March 27, 2023
MSI RTX 3050

Constructing a brand new pc will be an extremely costly endeavor these days. especially with the cost of GPUs (opens in new tab). I hoped we might cease seeing ridiculous value will increase as soon as the large GPU scarcity is basically over, however I hadn’t counted on the brand new ones. MSRPs are still so unreasonable (opens in new tab). Assembling a high-end machine continues to be very pricey for many of us, however there’s some excellent news about entry-level boards getting some love.

This Nvidia RTX 3050 GPU (opens in new tab) It is a fairly strong alternative for an entry-level card, particularly with this new improve. VideoCardz (opens in new tab) It has noticed the brand new MSI RTX 3050 GPUs, which would be the third variant of the 3050 to be launched, with 15W decrease energy consumption, and it seems like the most effective ever.

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