December 1, 2023
PCG Hardware Awards logo in front of a GPU

Graphics playing cards are again. It is a phrase that can cheer everybody however the hardest-hearted of PC avid gamers. Or the poorest. Sure, GPUs hit the market as soon as once more in 2022, and the worth has certainly fallen from the infuriating heights of provide and GPU mining crises, however the brand new graphics playing cards to launch this 12 months are nonetheless frustratingly costly.

For those who’re seeking to purchase a brand new graphics card, an enormous pixel pipeline sucked final 12 months. However this 12 months, what we have all been ready for has occurred, the cryptocurrency market has fully collapsed, taking GPU mining with it. It wasn’t simply Bitcoin’s volatility that introduced it down, however the shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake for ethereum.

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