March 29, 2023
StarFive VisionFive 2 Risc-V single-board computer

StarFive VisionFive 2 Risc-V single board computer

Based mostly on the corporate’s personal JH7110 multimedia processor, it options interfaces together with: twin Ethernet, DVP, MIPI, HDMI, PCIe, USB (2×3.0, 2×2.0), SDIO and stereo audio output – plus a 40pin GPIO header.

StarFive U7 SoC IPThe JH7110 SoC options the corporate’s U74 processor (Left), RV64GC cores and 2Mbyte L2 cache working as much as 1.5GHz, plus an Imatination Applied sciences GPU and H264/H265 video.

It’s this IC that manages PCIE2.0, HDMI2.0, MIPI CSI RX, MIPI DSI TX, USB3.0/2.0 and Gbit Ethernet.

Motherboard variations are deliberate with 2, 4 or 8Gbytes of ram and have a TF card slot for flash and an M-key M.2 connector.

The corporate brings Debian Linux to it.

It is early days for RISC-V single board computer systems (SBCs) and the RISC-V ecosystem, and potential customers ought to count on extra growth work in comparison with utilizing x86 SBCs and even Raspberry Pis. Relying on the way it seems, VisionFive 2 might add an reasonably priced RISC-V utility growth board to this ecosystem.

Word: The sooner VisionFive (with out the ‘2’ on the finish) has a dual-core processor and no 3D graphics.

Shanghai StarFive was based in 2018 as an organization that produces mental property for single-board computer systems, processor ICs and processor ICs.

Irritated VisionFive 2 product page can be found here

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