September 23, 2023
Soylent Green classic on display at Kimball Junction Library on Thursday

The 1973 film takes place in 2022.

The movie chronicles a world devastated by local weather change. The oceans died and have become polluted with waste, the air was choked with smoke and lots of the pure sources had been depleted. Ecological disasters and overpopulation imply a world the place meals and water are scarce.

Set in New York Metropolis, housing can solely be afforded by the wealthiest of the wealthy; They’re known as “elite”. And their home comes with “items”, that’s … ladies rented along with the condo.

Feeding the inhabitants is offered by Soylent Industries. It makes extremely processed wafers which might be delivered on particular days. There was Soylent Yellow, Soylent Pink, and Soylent Inexperienced was launched in 2022.

Former KPCW reporter and longtime film buff Wealthy Brough explains the remainder of the plot and why he thinks that is the proper time to point out it.

“There’s a grisly homicide during which the sufferer is a member of the very highly effective Soylent Company. Charleston Heston is a cop investigating this homicide, finally main him to find Soylent Inexperienced’s darkish secret. And listeners there, if you happen to’ve seen the film, do not say what it’s,” Brough stated. “However we thought it was a pleasant technique to say goodbye to the 12 months. Goodbye 2022, do not let the door slam while you go away.”

April 19 is the forty ninth anniversary of Soylent Inexperienced’s launch. Nearly 50 years later and the themes of air pollution, international warming, company greed, social inequality and ladies’s rights are controversial, however nonetheless resonating and present.

The movie will likely be screened on the Kimball Junction Library on Thursday at 18:00. Wealthy Brough and Future Grose host free films and dialogue.

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