March 31, 2023
This Is The World's Most Expensive Graphics Card

Meet the world’s quickest graphics card, the Nvidia A100. Not less than talking of pure benchmark figures, the A100 is about as quick as a GPU will be ( Tom’s Hardware). The GPU is offered as a part of Nvidia’s DGX 100 system designed for AI information facilities. The DGX 100 is a stack of eight Nvidia A100 playing cards, however optimized to scale as much as hundreds of GPUs to deal with something thrown at it (through Nvidia). The most recent era A100 has an enormous 80GB reminiscence with bandwidth as much as 2 terabytes per second. When paired through Nvidia’s NVLink bridges, bandwidth and computing energy improve considerably ( Nvidia).

Utilizing MIG expertise (multi-instance GPU), it may be cut up into seven GPU situations to run seven totally different workloads in parallel.

GPU is a sophisticated 7 nm TSMC manufacturing process, thus accumulating extra processing energy whereas decreasing energy utilization. Virtually 7000 32-bit and 3500 64-bit CUDA cores mixed with over 400 Tensor cores care for all of the quantity confusion.

The DGX A100 system is on the market for a whole bunch of {dollars} plus service charges. However even the Nvidia A100 graphics card prices over $30,000, making it the costliest GPU in the marketplace (through NeoBits).

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